Secrets of My Soul

by Latorial Faison

Dare me to pursue this
to pen the secrets of my 

soul in Father Time's 
precious ink, royal black 

& memory gold. I do it
& cry the truest tear, for 

a writing heart does not 
bleed fear. Read me, line 

by line. Turn pages chronicling 
my life & times. No fears or 

inhibitions, no regrets or limits,
just a make-shift room & 

mirror's glaring image. The
woman I see in me, they ask

"Who is she?" My wits have 
found her authoring genteel 

words, an underlying voice 
dying to be heard, a girl who 

found her way into being, my 
flesh & blood, my entire life's 

meaning. She rises to the 
occasion resiliently, unselfishly, 

& something like religiously,
answering the muse's call to 

arms to walk a lover's tight 
rope with poetic charm. She 

wields the words that I dare not 
forsake as I strive to dream this 

dream before I wake. Peeking
over shame, the duality unfolds

& I shall, one day, find solitude
in the secrets of my soul.

Copyrighted 2001 Latorial D. Faison | www.latorialfaison.com
from Secrets of My Soul (Cross Keys Press, 2001)

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