by Latorial Faison

For the first time in my thirty-nine,
I dialed and nobody answered, not
even God. A classic has been read,
closed, and shelved. The end. But I
recall the strength and tone of your
country-strong voices, the laughter,
the surprise, the struggle, the sorrow,
the resilience, the church songs and
field hands, building with 4 x 4’s, the
heating of pots and pans, yours was
an old fashioned prayer that kept me.
An era has ended, and the best of
Sunday’s dinners no more. 653-9218,
disconnected, not home, gone, fate.

© Latorial D. Faison. All rights reserved.

"653-9218" was published in Deep South Magazine, April 7, 2014, Southern Voice: 30 Days of Poetry

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