circa January 20, 2009
Some were perched on the limbs
Of D.C. trees to get a glimpse of it,
History being made, once again,
In the middle of so much black & white,
To hear Aretha spin her rhythm with
Our blues into a hymn where hymns
Had never been made, up close.
All that colored hope collected on
White ballots, dreamed on Jim Crow nights,
Birthed in the belly of a red, white & blue sale,
Hope stolen off the coast of Africa,
Hope chained to a tree in the Florida heat,
Hope purchased at a Galveston, Texas
Auction block, hope sold down a river
In Charleston, hope traded for a
Race horse in Missouri, hope terrorized
By white hoods in Alabama, hope raped
In Georgia, hope lynched & mutilated
At fourteen in Mississippi, hope
Assassinated on a balcony in Tennessee,
Hope in a Virginia slave preacher’s
Revolt, hope from the Carolinas to the
Slave holding shores of Maryland. We came
To hold this truth to be self-evident that
All Negroes are created equal to the forty-forth
President of the United States of America.

© Latorial D. Faison. All rights reserved.

This poem was published in Solstice: a Magazine of Diverse Voices.

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